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Strunal Schönbach is located in the picturesque town Luby in the western part of the Czech Republic. Strunal Schönbach is build from the ground by people who share passion for their craftmanship. Enduring hardships and achievements, Strunal Schönbach proudly carries the tradition of crafting musical instruments from precious resonant wood that intensifies the musical tone, giving our instruments the first class sound. Strunal Schönbach aspires to share the passion for hand-craft, patience and preciseness of their work all over the world.

The story began in Schönbach, the Czech name Luby came into play right after the world war, where young violin craftmasters were making their instrumets at home. That's how the tradition of producing musical instruments in Luby took the first steps, then the manufacturing moved from homes to factories.

As a result of the upswing and popularity of musical instruments made in Luby in 19th century, a violin school was built. The school then laid a foundation to a whole generation of vilolin masters. It is through company’s cultivation of this tradition that Strunal Schönbach instruments enjoy their popularity and high demand worldwide to this day.


Our people

We create the perfect sound

  • L-stanislava-krojcingrova

    „There is nothing better than a perfectly pulled string.“

    Stanislava Kreuzingerová

    with us since 1972

  • L-kristyna-glazrova

    „Every bow is unique.“

    Kristýna Glazrová

    with us since 1977

  • L-jaroslava-macochova

    „One instrument, one material. “

    Jaroslava Mlčochová

    with us since 1984

  • M-08
  • M-24
  • M-18
  • M-04
  • M-06
  • M-14
  • M-19
  • M-23
  • M-13
  • M-17
  • M-16
  • M-21